Product Review: Crumpler Dry Red No. 4

Before I left for my trip in early September, my friends at Crumpler wanted to make sure that I was taken care of on my trip - or at least my belongings were - and so they sent me the Dry Red No. 4 to carry around. So thankful for their generosity, check out my review of the heavy duty bag!

What can I say about this bag?

This little beauty saved me during my 6-week holiday. Seriously.

A gift from my friends at Crumpler prior to my holiday, and what a great companion it turned out to be! The only mistake I made was packing too much at the beginning of my trip.

But with all its high quality features, I was confident that the Dry Red No.4 would make it through the long haul of my entire trip.

“…the Dry Red No. 4 accommodates a whopping 58 litres of your neatest business or holiday packing, yet tips the scales at just 3.7 kilograms.” So much space and so light!

Looking at it from the outside (and from my iPhone snaps), you probably couldn’t tell this, but The Dry Red No.4 came with some crazy features, including six storage zones (including front zippered pocket with four compartments inside, 58-litre main cargo space, and a further 3 zippered mesh pockets inside), an eye mask and carry bag for the plane, a foldaway shoe bag (which I’m sure was only designed for one pair of shoes, but I managed to fit in two) to separate your footwear from your clothes, dual padded grab handles, elasticised compression straps, and a three-position trolley handle that appears at the touch of a ‘Crumpler’ button, and a whole heap more!

Pretty nifty huh?

After the trip on the other hand, well let’s say although the bag and I survived, the look of it ain’t so pretty anymore. Going through all the different bag handlers and conveyor systems, did not do the Dry Red No. 4 very good. The quality is still there (Thanks to Crumpler’s lifetime guarantee!), but the presentation is looking a little worse for wear.

I honestly can tell you that my heart broke a little bit when I saw the state of it halfway through my trip. With its bright red colour covering the exterior and lining the interior of the luggage case, I chose the red over the black so that it would be easier to find as I waited at the baggage claim at all the different airports I went to, but as the days passed and the trip went on, that pretty red on the front was slowly being covered by some patches of dirt. Damn airports. :/

Check out the ‘before’ pics here. I thought it was best not to showcase its ‘after’ shots.

Overall, this bag was definitely a piece of luggage that I would recommend. If you know you’re going for a long period of time, or planning to shop a whole lot, this wheelie is perfect!

*Special thanks to Crumpler for the holiday love.