Nardwuar vs. Flying Lotus

Nardwuar's interviews are always thoroughly entertaining and super informative. And this interview with L.A.'s Flying Lotus definitely fits that description! Awesome watch. Press play now.

Ahh!! Was so excited to see this online on Friday! Having met Flying Lotus in New York during my trip a few weeks ago was seriously one of my biggest holiday highlights! (See photo above hehe.)

I still can’t believe it! I honestly was on such a high afterwards… just ask my travel buddy haha! đŸ™‚

And of course, you all should already know how I feel about Nardwuar. Crazy? FlyLo definitely seems to think so.

But Nardwuar definitely does his research every time he interviews someone and as you can see from this interview with the music producer, he definitely stuns his subject with knowledge on his family, people he went to high-school with, and where he has performed in the past.

Flying Lotus is one of my favourite music producers out there and is due to hit our shores for New Year’s. Can’t wait!!