Movie Trailer: Michael Jackson’s Bad25

Spike Lee has given fans a taste of his upcoming Michael Jackson documentary, with a just-over-a-minute trailer for the film. The clip shows a montage of scenes from "Micheal Jackson BAD25," Lee's film that follows the architecture of Jackson's 1987 classic multiplatinum album Bad. Archived footage from video shoots and studio sessions was used to build the film, as well as new interviews with a number of artists who worked with Jackson, including Kanye West, Mariah Carey and Sheryl Crow.

Spike Lee will debut his Michael Jackson documentary “Michael Jackson: Bad25” on November 22nd on ABC, and in this new trailer, the director gives us a sneak peek into the making of the classic 1987 album, its music videos and the Bad tour.

Catch studio shots, live snippets and plenty of iconic imagery, including the unforgettable anti-gravity lean in the ‘Smooth Criminal’ video. “That’s what this documentary is about – it’s gonna have people return to focusing on the music, his art, which I feel is his legacy, in addition to his children,” Lee said last month. “He became a prisoner of his fame.”

Martin Scorsese, who briefly appears in the trailer, Mariah Carey, Kanye West, Stevie Wonder, Sheryl Crow and Justin Bieber are some of the bold-faced names featured in the doco.

Though I was never a hardcore fan of Jackson, he did put out some fantastic records and I enjoyed his music, but I never cared for all the court and family drama that he was otherwise known for. Seeing that this is based on his hit record, “Bad”, I hope to be assured that it’s just about the music.

Just for kicks and for those who have been living under rocks that don’t know about the iconic anti-gravity lean, here’s a throwback to Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’ video.