Record Review: Condensed Milk – Dusty Milk Crates Volume II

My friends from Melbourne, Condensed Milk, recently released Volume II of their "Dusty Milk Crates" compilation and it's only recently that I've had the chance to sit down and give the record a proper listen. And let me tell you this - it does not disappoint. With contributors from within Australia and overseas, the boys have given us a record that is perfect to listen to just as the sun is setting.

I’m a little late on the posting of this record, but my friends in Melbourne, Condensed Milk, have done it again with their latest compilation – “Dusty Milk Crates Volume II”. Released a couple weeks ago, I’ve only had the chance to listen to the record a couple of times from beginning to end, but I can definitely confirm, that the boys have really stepped it up with Volume II.

Since I started my holiday, I’ll gladly admit that the two records that have been on repeat for me during my overseas adventure have been Ta-Ku’s “REϟTWERK” and Condensed Milk’s Dusty Milk Crates Volume I. There’s just something about both these records that I feel I will never tire of the tracks within.

Knowing that Volume II would be released during my holiday, I was looking forward to its release when I saw the numerous postings on my Facebook feed and I was pleasantly surprised to see who the boys managed to get involved this time around. Impressive.

The aim of the compilation is to increase awareness, raise support, and expand the scope and influence of the emerging beat scene, both generally as a genre, as well as on a regional level.

In a climate where commercial media has set a prescribed and formulaic approach to the dissemination of art, Condensed Milk is an independent collective of like minded graphic designers, beat makers, DJs and crate diggers. Condensed Milk is a digital hub for music as well as art and culture, sourced from varying media sources from all corners of the globe. The collective features artists from Melbourne, Auckland, and Paris, and will continue to cultivate, promote and represent talent from as many diverse backgrounds as possible.

This is our 2nd installment from the 3 volume series of Instrumental Compilations. Condensed Milk have carefully selected a number of beat makers that we feel embody the essence of creativity outside of the status quo and represent a part of their city’s involvement in the beat movement. Condensed Milk are proud to have each artist on board the Dusty Crates project as we hope to bring theIr music to a much larger audience.

Much love and respect to all the great talented individuals involved in this compilation, and of course the supporters.

One Love
-Condensed Milk

Upon my first listen of the record, I was only six tracks in and I was already hooked. So much so, I messaged the boys to let them know what a good job they had done!

Press play now! You won’t regret it, plus it’s free for download. 🙂

Volume I was the soundtrack to my Winter season and it looks like Volume II could potentially make its way to becoming my soundtrack for Spring (even though I am currently experiencing Autumn/Fall over here in the States). Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to Volume III fellas.