Collection Preview: Nike’s Winter 2013

Last week was somewhat of a whirlwind for me. I landed back in Sydney on Monday night, was faced with meetings the next day and before heading back to the office for my 9-5 on Thursday, I was invited to Carriageworks on Wednesday to preview the new collection from Nike. Phew! And what a collection that was! Read on to peep a sneak preview!

So it’s been a little over a week since I returned to Sydney and whilst I am working on some holiday overviews of the places I visited (Truth be told, I’ve been to lazy to upload all the photos haha!), the same week I landed, I was also invited by Nike to preview their new Winter 2013 Collection. Crazy…

Still jetlagged, I soldiered on though and made it there on time! Lucky too, because at that time, I’m pretty sure my body still thought it was midnight. Anyhow, this post is nothing but a visual feed of what I was able to see along with a lot of information that I still don’t think has completely sunk in yet!

I can say this though, the collection, due out in Summer in January is one to get excited about! Featuring
collections for both mens and women’s, the 2013 Winter Collection covers all areas from lifestyle and running to action sports, training and a special collaboration between Nike and X-Box!

Peep some of the standout pieces that I saw on the day and watch this space for official info and release dates! Can’t wait for January! 🙂

*Whilst no photography was allowed, we were able to take happy snaps on our smartphones. 🙂