Amin PaYnE: What Love Is

New Zealand born producer/DJ Amin PaYnE recently released a fresh new track titled 'What Love Is'. Remixing Slum Village's 'The Look of Love', PaYnE's take on the track had me rethinking things I thought I already knew..

Amin PaYnE is one talented producer and beatmaker.

Originally from Auckland, New Zealand, but currently based in Melbourne, his name may sound familiar because he is also behind Condensed Milk, the talented duo behind my favourite Winter and (potentially) Spring records, Dusty Milk Crates Volume I and Dusty Milk Crates Volume II, respectively.

Ever since I was introduced to his work from the “Dusty Milk Crates Volume I” record, I have quickly become a fan of PaYnE’s creations and with this newly released track, ‘What Love Is’, he’s definitely come through with a fresh and catchy composition.

I thought I had an idea what love was but after listening to this track, something tells me I’ve been given the wrong impression of it. This tune makes me want to know what love really is…

The only downside is I can’t update my ipod with this track because it’s not currently available for download. But this hook is sure to be in my head for a while I think. Such nice work.