Crumpler: The Vegetable from Inside the Mountain

Crumpler has recently launched a new women's backpack and it's looking pretty damn nice, if you ask me. The name is a little strange but does that really matter? What really matters is the functionality and quality of what the bag can offer and this bag definitely packs a punch!

Crumpler is very excited to launch “The Vegetable from Inside the Mountain” backpack – designed specifically for women. Yes!

Your first thought is probably the same as mine – ‘WTF is The Vegetable from Inside the Mountain?’ Well, Crumpler have read our minds and provided us with the answer, saving us from having the google the answer:

“Seeing as you asked, the name was inspired by one ingredient of one dish during dinner one night in Tokyo. ‘What’s that?’ we asked in our best Japenglishe. The waiter’s literal description of what we now know to be sansai, was ‘vegetable from inside the mountain’. Straight to the product library with that one, we thought.”

This new bag from Crumpler definitely packs a punch with all its features, which includes multiple storage zones (including a laptop sleeve, drawstring shoe bag, and emergency purse), adjustable form-fitted padded shoulder straps, water resistant and their famous lifetime guarantee.

Expect a personal review of the “The Vegetable from Inside the Mountain” when I return to Sydney. I already love the look of it. Can’t wait to wear it and test it out.

Watch this space within the coming months.

Available in black and navy, “The Vegetable from Inside the Mountain” is available online and in stores now.