Snakadaktal: Dance Bear

New music has been discovered through the awesome Aussie group Snakadaktal. Yep, that's their name. And their sound is catchy, haunting and somewhat emotional. Check out 'Dance Bear' from Melbourne outfit Snakadaktal.

I love discovering new music through other artists. Like the way I found out about Ta-Ku, was through my love for his track, Missing My Brother, on the Dusty Milk Crates Volume I record.

And now through Ta-Ku’s record ReϟTwerk, I have discovered another new tune from Australian band Snakadaktal. Quirky, but awesome name haha!

Ta-Ku’s remix of the track ‘Dance Bear’ has quickly become one of my favourite tracks on “ReϟTwerk”, mainly due to the haunting voice of lead singer, Pheobe Cockburn, which in turn made me curious to find out who sang the original. I was very surprised to find out the band were from Melbourne and even more surprised to find that the members of Snakadaktal are only 17-18 years old!

“Snakadaktal started in 2010. They released their debut EP and won triple j unearthed high in 2011. Snakadaktals debut EP was number 26 in the digital ARIA charts for 2011. Their track Air recieved number 22 in the 2011 triple j hottest 100.”

Word on the street is, the song is about the loss of someone and the changing of human emotions. And if you listen to it closely, you might just sense that.

I am loving the sound they’re creating and am totally bummed to find out that I just missed their last tour, finishing up a couple weeks ago. Sad face.

Listen to the original from Snakadaktal and the remixed version from Ta-Ku below and decide which one you like best! My decision is still pending…

Tell me you’re there
Tell me you’ll dare
To be, here for
Dance Bear

**UPDATE** Check out the band’s official visuals to the hit song below: