Artist Spotlight: Sam Rodriguez

Pow Wow Hawaii veteran Samuel Rodriguez returns to the beautiful city of Honolulu to exhibit at the renowned Hawaii Gallery Loft in Space. The solo exhibition titled “Fractions” will focus on his deconstructed or fractured portraits. Rodriguez work tends to integrate elements of life expressions. His goal is to retell life moments through a mix of figurative and abstract painting. And judging from these pictures alone, he's definitely done that. Caught my eye immediately.

“Fractions” by San Jose artist, Sam Rodriguez, made its debut last week, but seeing as I am heading to Hawaii after the New York leg of my holiday, I am very keen on hitting up this exhibition whilst it’s still running and luckily for me, it will be when I’m there. Yes!

Sam Rodriguez continues his ongoing series of work involving questions and ideas about identity in style and culture. This time the work involves more “fractioning” as Rodriguez calls it. His painted dissections of the human face are intended to further emphasize and explore the idea of people as walking “melting pots”. Although the obvious subject to read in the work is ethnicity, he wishes to speak to the broader topic of visual identity, which may include one’s own style or perception. The work playfully juxtaposes several visual cues that we use in order to process information about people we see. Rodriguez views these portraits as somewhat anthropological in that they are studies of people’s visual mix.

I love this concept idea! Just because we look a certain way, does not mean that we should pertain to what others think of our image. I’m talking stereotypes – and you all should know how I feel about that already.

Investigating human identity through art and culture is what really attracts me to this exhibition. I really hope I can fit it into my schedule!

Sam Rodriguez
Loft In Space, Honolulu HI
(Loft in Space
831 Queen Street
Honolulu, HI 96813

Opens 20th September until October 18th