Condensed Milk Presents… Dusty Milk Crates Volume II (Release Party)

Condensed Milk are back with a new release and a party to celebrate!! Their second volume of the Dusty Milk Crates compilation is due for release this Thursday, September 20th, and for those residing in Melbourne, the release party is set to go off the following night on Friday, September 21st! Damn.. I'm jealous.

Two of my favourite beatmakers from Melbourne will be presenting and playing another live show this Friday! The reason? Because they can. Just kidding. The real reason is because Condensed Milk are releasing the second volume of ‘Dusty Milk Crates’, which is due for release 24 hours prior to this special event.

I am so excited for both Jackson Miles and Amin PaYnE and their upcoming release! Not long to go!!

If I was not travelling overseas right now, I think know that I would be purchasing a ticket to Melbourne to see them play live again. Plus, their first compilation of the record was sooo good, I am not sure how they could top themselves with this new record. Definitely looking forward to hearing some new sounds from the duo.

“The night will be a celebration of the second installment beat compilation, featuring some of the local beat-smiths involved with the project. You can expect an eclectic mixed bag of visual art, dj’s and live beats ranging from future funk, boogie, and soul, as well as heavy bass influenced hip-hop and future beats. This is a limited capacity, free release party for people who dig for and love music.”

Featuring DJ sets from Tom Showtime and my buddy Jackson Miles, there will also be live sets from Amin PaYnE, SilentJay, Oisima, and ABLE8. One thing I know for sure: this is going to be a crazy event and one not to be missed!

Show your support for the boys who brought you Dusty Milk Crates Volume I and Cadillac Chunk and get ready for a wild night out. Hit up the Facebook page for updates on the event!

Even better news, I’ve heard whispers of a third release of the Dusty Milk Crates compilation! What?! Crazy Awesome. Could these releases be the soundtracks to my Spring and Summer seasons? We shall soon find out…