The LEGO Story

LEGO is celebrating their 80th anniversary this year with a short animation about the company's founder, Ole Kirk Christiansen. A fantastic watch if you are a LEGO lover.


LEGOs are more than just plastic bricks.

LEGO was one of those toys that I grew up with, building an entire community out of the tiny building blocks with my older brothers and sister. Seriously, an entire community – complete with streets lined up of houses, cars, parks, a fire station, a police station, a hospital, and so on and so forth. I think my mum still has some of these creations somewhere in her house. She’s a bit of a hoarder, but then again, why would you ever throw away LEGO?

The LEGO Group celebrates its 80th birthday with “The LEGO Story”, a short animated film following the toy company’s history and its evolution over the years. The 17-minute film follows Danish toymaker Ole Kirk Christiansen, who created the company in 1932, and his son Godtfred (LEGO’s second owner), from the perspective of Ole’s grandson and current LEGO owner, Kjeld.

This animated short film is a great insight into the earlier history of the LEGO company to the opening of the first LEGO Land, and seeing the struggles of the fledgling company on its way to international fame.

This short film is a must-see for LEGO geeks everywhere. Guilty.

“The imagination is the limit.”