Mayer Hawthorne: No Strings

Mayer Hawthorne is one of those artists you don't hear a lot about on the radio and I am thankful for that. The difference between Hawthorne and the artists on the radio today is that he is actually good and worth listening to. Creating soulful music and slow melodic jams, watch the video for 'No Strings' and get ready to be seduced by the sound of this savvy artist.

I first heard a demo of this track, ‘No Strings’ sometime last year, and finally, Mr Hawthorne has released some visuals to accompany one of my favourite songs from his latest record, “How Do You Do”. Yay!!! This video is for the fellas with lots of gorgeous girls, but this song is directed at the ladies. 😉 Enjoy.

Mayer Hawthorne makes good music, and he is an artist that is reviving the sound of vintage soul. Signed to Stones Throw Records, Hawthorne writes songs that are slightly tongue-in-cheek, but overall, he is able to create music that is a great blend of mellow and mildly poppy soul tunes.

Mayer Hawthorne may not be on many people’s radars, but he should definitely be on yours. Love.