Condensed Milk Presents…Cadillac Chunk

It makes me smile when I find out how creative my friends are. Over in my favourite Aussie city of Melbourne, my buddy Jackson Miles and his friend Amin PaYnE are preparing themselves tonight (Friday) for a massive show they have on with some very special guests. Jackson Miles + Amin PaYne = DJs / Beatmakers / Producers = Condensed Milk. Like I said: talented and creative. Hit the jump to get yourselves familiar with their music and if you're in Melbourne, do yourself a favour and go watch them live - TONIGHT.

I’ve given Condensed Milk so much love over on the thirteen itches blog these past couple of months, and for good reasons. Not only do I know one half of the duo, but I am a true fan of their work. Condensed Milk is the moniker for both my buddy Jackson Miles and his creative partner in crime, Amin PaYnE. Both are talented beat makers, deejays, and producers.

Their last produced record, Condensed Milk Presents…Dusty Milk Crates Volume I, was released a few months back and when I tweeted to say that it was the soundtrack of my Winter season, I wasn’t kidding. That particular record has been in my ipod since its release date and has continued to be a record that I often go back and listen to on a weekly basis. The production is completely on point, and the best part about it? It made me discover some new home-grown talent! Too good.

I saw them play live a couple months ago and that entire night is still fresh in my memory. What a night that was! Good times. 🙂

This Friday (tonight), the boys are putting on another show and I honestly wish I had a plane ticket ready to head to Melbourne to see their performance, but unfortunately, this time round, that won’t be happening.

But if you happen to live in Melbourne, not only am I very jealous of you, but my recommendation for your Friday night is to watch these two perform. Sure, there’s other guests on the bill but I don’t really know anything about them. Check out the flyer above for the venue details, show up at the start time of 9pm, and expect to be dancing until the early hours of the morning!

As for me, I guess I’ll just have to settle for a night in with their mixes setting the tone for my evening. Check out two exclusive mixes, from both Jackson Miles and Amin PaYnE below.

If you’re liking these tunes, both are FREE for download!

For those of you who work with me in my 9-5 life, you’ve definitely heard me playing their music from my speakers, you just probably didn’t know it haha…

Word on the street is, these boys are both working on some new stuff, so watch this space, because I’ll definitely be posting about it. In the meantime, I’m trying to figure out how I can get these boys to play a show in Sydney…