Collection Preview: Nike Monochrome Punk Collection

Nike’s Spring 2012 sportswear range is here and they’ve got some pretty exciting stuff on offer. Think training clothes that you won’t want to just wear them to the gym. Hit the jump for an exclusive preview of the "Monochrome Punk" collection.

Along with the invitation for the launch party, I also received an exclusive insight into the new women’s Spring collection from Nike. And even from just looking at the press release, I knew that I wanted to have that entire collection in my wardrobe!

“Nike Sportswear’s Spring 2012 Range has arrived taking inspiration from the London Underground Punk scene back in the 80’s and is of course a link to this year’s London Olympics. This is the first season that Nike have designed the women’s collection with fashion and trend relevant silhouettes as opposed to sport silhouettes, and we are seeing garments that are much more on trend such as patterned leggings, motorcycle inspired jackets, crop tees etc.

“From providing athletes with superior performance product, to outfitting them off the track, Nike Sportswear is proud to fuse the legacy of running with superior innovations of today.”

With its black, white, and grey palette, this collection is definitely right up my alley. I tend to shy away from bright clothes, (preferring coloured accessories) and the “Monochrome Punk Collection” appears to be the perfect addition to my wardrobe. Not only is the soft, cozy pre-and-post workout garment comfortable to wear, but it’ll also help warm you up and cool you down during your exercise regime.

Perfect combination, don’t you think?

It was even better to have received samples of the collection to pore over! With free reign over what we could do with the samples, a few of my girlfriends participated in an impromptu photo-shoot. Check out the result of our photo-shoot featuring the pieces we received of the “Nike Monochrome Punk Collection”, which is available online and in stores now.

This Spring collection showcases some of the best and most wearable women’s styles — from running and training to sportswear — that Nike has released in a long time, making for top-notch performance and creating winning looks. So long, Winter!