Blind Benny: Chewjitsu

Shot over the course of three seasons (Fall and Winter of 2011 and Summer of 2012) in the US, Blind Benny filmed their new single 'Chewjitsu' and the result is a little quirky mixed in with what looks like funky and filtered Instagram photos. I love it though. And I very much adore the voice of the girl in this video. Hit play and enjoy the sweet voice coming out of your speakers/earphones/headphones.

Some Most of you may have never heard of Blind Benny, and I admit I had never heard of them either, but I was listening to some old tunes the other night in my iTunes and the artist Jade (above) showed up and made me wonder if she had released anything else since her free EP back in 2009.

So I did what anyone else in my situation would do: Google. Unfortunately, there were too many singers named Jade to narrow anything down and I almost gave up on looking but then I found her, through the moniker Blind Benny! And it’s funny, because as I kept reading about why she chose this particular name, I realised it was the same reason why she didn’t immediately turn up in my Google results.

Well now that I’ve found her, it’s time for you to familiarise yourself with her and prepare to be seduced by her voice. So very unique. Check her out in the video below as Blind Benny with the track ‘Chewjitsu’. And just in case you were wondering, the beginning of the video showcases a remix by Melo-X of one of her older songs, ‘Drown Me Out’.

‘Chewjitsu’ is the second single off Blind Benny’s upcoming EP, “No Honor”, which will be September 4th! Definitely keeping my eye on Blind Benny for new music to share with you. Love love love her voice!

Jade<3 and Jonathan Carmelli aka Blind Benny make the kind of music that moves you so be prepared to feel emotions and think of thoughts you may have never felt possible when you listen to the duo. That’s just a warning, from yours truly, who experienced it herself. It’s rare, but it happened. 🙂

And to tide you over until the release of that record, why not go back to the beginning and listen to her debut EP (and still one of my favourite records to this day), “It’s My Heart, Cookie” below: