Angel Haze: New York

There's a new female emcee in the game and she goes by the name of Angel Haze. Based in New York, Haze decided to take a darker approach for the visuals for her single "New York". Borrowing production from the late Gil Scot-Heron's 'New York Is Killing Me', the Adrienne Nicole directed video shows the 21-year-old on the prowl stalking unsuspecting pedestrians in subways tunnels and parks.

Heading to the US in less than a month and I admit, the title of this song caught my attention before I even hit the play button. But once I did, I am so glad that I was introduced to Angel Haze via this track.

A newcomer to the hip hop scene, Angel Haze, was born in 1991, and at only 21 years of age, her rhymes are relentlessly raw and somehow, intensely intimate too. Currently listening to her 14-track debut mixtape, “Reservation”, as I write this post, and it is clear that Haze is a rising lyricist that we should all keep our ears and eyes locked on.

This video is a little haunting, but I cannot stop listening to this song! The production on this track combined with the beautiful samplings of Gil Scott-Heron provides an impressive backdrop to a song dedicated to Haze’s home of New York City. Be sure to expect the unexpected from Angel Haze.

“Sick bitch, chicken noodle soup face
Calls from oversea like a motherfucking crusade
Crack rock and you hit it till your nose hurts
Rooftop Brooklyn, made the shit and cover

I run New York, I run New York”

Download her mixtape “Reservation” now.