ACCLAIM Issue 27: Saviour

ACCLAIM Magazine are launching their 27th issue tonight with a party somewhere in Melbourne tonight but tickets for the event have already sold out so unless you've already been lucky enough to score yourself a ticket to the pretty special event, click on through to read on what Issue 27 features. Issue 27 will be in stores Friday, August 8, 2012.

The publication that pretty much gave me my start and increased my love for the written word is Melbourne’s ACCLAIM magazine, thanks to an internship that I did with them a few years back. These days, I’m still contributing and still consider myself an intern for them. But the crew behind the magazine are pretty awesome in my opinion, and as a warning, you’ll often see posts on here about what they do and certain events they’ll be presenting (i.e. CARBON Festival).

Enough of me babbling on though, this post is all about their new issue – their 27th issue – which covers the theme “Saviour”.

The “Saviour” issue is all about people who “recognise the worth in something and having the desire to keep hold of it and give it a new lease on life. Whether it’s through archiving art movements, immortalizing redundant technology or capturing epic trips on film, [ACCLAIM have] got it covered.”

For the past year or so, the magazine has been releasing two unique covers for each issue. And once again, they’ve done it again with the “Saviour” issue. The general release features a shot from the ACCLAIM sportswear focused fashion shoot, while the limited release cover boasts an image from their shoot with NYC menswear designer Mark McNairy, and will only be available at selected boutique stores and Mag Nation.

Check out an exclusive previous of the issue below, and be sure to grab yourself a copy when it hits stores nationally tomorrow, August 10, 2012.

ACCLAIM #27 – The SAVIOUR Issue from ACCLAIM Magazine on Vimeo.

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