Product Review: Crumpler Spring Peeper (S)

Having had to go into the office before boarding my flight to Melbourne a few weekends ago, my workmates were the first to see Crumpler's Spring Peeper (S) and honestly, every singly person (guys and gals) that saw it on the day told me that they liked/loved it and either wanted to buy one for themselves, or offered to take mine after I was done using it. Fat chance! Haha. Check out my thoughts on the Crumpler weekender bag.

A few weekends ago, I went away to Melbourne for two reasons:

1. To surprise a friend at his record’s release party
and 2. My room-mate had never been and I wanted to show her why I loved the city so much.

To aid me in my packing for my weekend away, the good people at Crumpler sent me a weekender bag to use for the trip: The Crumpler Spring Peeper (S).

Upon my first impression of when the bag arrived in the mail, (before opening it up and looking at the finer details) I’ll admit, I was a little disappointed at the size. But then I figured that this was a sign that I should not go shopping during my trip to Melbourne, buying things that I wouldn’t be able to fit in that bag on top of what I was planning to pack already. Yep, I decided that was the mindset to go with throughout the weekend. No purchases. And it turned out to be a good thing, because sometimes it’s better to enjoy the experience rather than the material things.

But back to the Spring Peeper (S). Sporting a very manly colour of army green and black (or the proper term “beech and black”), being a typical girl, I wondered how I would be able to match the bag to my outfit. Haha.

But beyond the colour, the bag seemed to be very sturdy and would be able to withstand a lot of the clothes I was bringing with me. Because of the cold Winter weather, my knits were taking over all my outfit planning (and packing) and it was difficult to decide what to wear on the day and what else I could bring along that would fit into the bag, but also keep me warm down in Melbourne too.

While the website’s pictures show a lining of fluoro blue for the Spring Peeper (S), what I saw when I opened up the bag was a pop of bright orange! Absolutely loving the pops of colour Crumpler have been incorporating through their designs this year. Definitely a pleasant surprise too. Did you read my review of the Gypsy Moth Tote? I’m pretty sure I talked about my love for Crumpler’s surprises of colour there too. 🙂

With three pockets (two on the inside and one on the out), there was actually more space than I originally thought! “Lockable, water resistant and tougher than a budget airline steak dinner, the small Peeper includes a detachable padded strap for over-the-shouldering, padded carry handles, padded end handles and solid rubber feet for standing-in-line slides.” All of these features definitely helped out during my trip to Melbourne and the best bit was that it was all within the 7kg limit of weight and size for carry-on baggage on the flight. Crumpler thinks of everything!

With weather conditions not looking so great for that particular weekend in Melbourne either, I was a little weary of what the rain, wind and possible storms would do to the bag. Luckily for me, however, the sun was out for most of the time I was there and so I need not worry about the outcome, but just in case I was to run into a little wet weather, it was nice to know that “the bag’s 900D outer and covered external zippers are designed to weather the storm and keep your cargo dry. Designed to outlast its lifetime guarantee, the bag features a super strength water resistant 900D outer, 150D Rip-stop lining, flamed polypropylene webbing, injection moulded solid rubber feet and bonded nylon thread with bar tack stitching on all stress points.”

The Spring Peeper (S) actually turned out to be a saviour by the end of my trip. The 28-litre capacity of the bag saved me from making any major purchases (because I had pretty much filled it up to its brim prior to the trip), the padded top carry handles supported my shoulders whenever I had to carry it for a long period of time, which did a lot more than some other bags I’ve carried for a weekend away, and as you can see from my photos, that beech and black colourway (which I’m still not too sure about) really popped against my ‘all black everything’ outfits. Pretty great overall, if you ask me.

*Special thanks to Crumpler.

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