Melanie Fiona: Wrong Side of a Love Song (Live)

Guyanese-Canadian songstress Melanie Fiona took the stage last week at the 2012 BET Awards to perform a powerful delivery of her soulful single 'Wrong Side Of A Love Song'.

Last week, the BET awards aired in the US and although, I wasn’t able to stream the awards whilst at work, I did manage to watch all the performances and highlights on the official BET Awards website afterwards.

Watching the pretty and lonely girl in the spotlight singing her heart out about finding herself on the wrong side of a love song really hit home for me. This performance definitely made me a fan of Melanie Fiona and this song… let’s just say, I can definitely relate to it. The lyrics and the emotion behind the performance is so raw and honest, that it made me go in search of her album, “The MF Life”.

Watch and see for yourself.

Why you wanna make me cry
I’ll be thinking ’bout you
Got me dreaming ’bout you
Every single day and night

And I don’t wanna be without cha
Cause I can hardly breathe without ya
This is what it feel to be the one
Who’s standing left behind
How did I become the wrong side of the love song?