The Eternal Dispute: Copywriters vs Art Directors

There is very little information on who exactly created this collection of illustrations but the subject matter intrigued me. Some I could relate to and some made me smile. If we had to define the differences between writers and designers through visual images, this collection would do exactly that. Check it out.

Copywriter vs. Art Director pits two similar but quite opposing subjects together in a quick and witty way. The two roles have to inevitably work with each other, and have to deal with creativity everyday. But if you notice their working style, you will find differences in habits and choices.

While a copywriter will always have a way with words, armed with the job of creating copy to market products, an art director must convey a concise vision. They’re the ones in charge of the overall visual appearance, tasked to create a mood.

The following illustrations exploit those differences and give us a view on how the people who hold those professions operate. There was something about this collection of illustrations that really caught my eye and made me smile too. I am not a copywriter but I saw so many things I could relate to and familiarise myself with in the left column against my designer friends in the right column.

Which do you relate to?