“Party Bags”

There's a new event happening in the streets of Melbourne and it kicks off next Friday, 29th June. Presented by The Library Bag and Party Aids, it is launching at the Revolver Bandroom as a night for you to discover untapped local talent, live on stage.

Music blog slash professional scene-sters Partyaids have joined forces with one of my favourite people in Melbourne and her blog, The Library Bag, a melodically-inclined copywriting/PR agency, to give birth to “Partybags”!

The first of many “Partybags” is taking place next week, June 29th, at the Revolver Bandroom. Headlining are The McQueens along with support from Young Maverick.

Each “Partybags” aims to break the industries surface by thrusting up-and-coming talent into the limelight. Not just any talent, talent we have been watching with anticipation as they please punters, media and head-honcho’s alike. This is their chance to bring these banners together for one night, in one room – and do the one thing they do best.

All “Partybags” to be evenly distributed.

Head to one (or all) below for further details:

If it wasn’t the End of Financial Year (the single most important date in my 9-5 life), I would be on a plane to Melbourne to attend this night. If you live in Melbourne, make sure you attend! From what I hear, it’s going to be AH-MAZING!