Nike: Free Run +3

Nike have been on a roll with their innovative designs in footwear this year and I can't wait to see what else they have in store for us for the remainder of 2012. Check out the new Nike Free Run +3 running shoes from the iconic sportswear brand.

Let’s get things straight. I am not a runner. I am not a marathon runner or anything to that extent. The only running I do is on a treadmill – at my parent’s house when I make the trip home every Sunday. True story. I should probably start extending that to an actual gym but I hate all the stupid fees and package deals that they try to rope you into. Yes, Fitness First, I’m talking to you.

Prior to moving out of home, I started to run around the park located across from our old house. But since I’ve moved out, I’ve lost that desire and motivation to keep fit. And now that Winter has arrived, I really would rather stay inside and be a couch potato. But all that may change.

Nike has released some pretty nice running shoes this year and there are a pair of sneakers that have recently caught my eye. The first time I saw the Nike Free Run+3 in the flesh, a friend was wearing them and my eyes instantly looked over her outfit and went directly to her fluoro pink shoes! Damn. The colourway is a little too bright for my liking but I’ve heard only good things from these shoes.

With flex grooves for a more natural stride, the dynamic fit system of the Nike Free Run+3’s also tailors the shoes perfectly to your feet and has a seamless upper which provides lightweight support wherever you need it.

“Mark Miner is the designer behind the Nike Free Run +3 and his rich design history and years of experience at Nike, along with his fashion background – he is ex Michael Kors – allows him to create a great fusion of fashion and tech. He really brings the FREE movement to life.”

Available for both men and women, the Nike Free Run+3 is available in stores now and retails at $160.

*Photos taken by Novem Pascual. (Only women’s design shown)