Artist Spotlight: Patrick Seymour

In his series entitled "Faces", designer Patrick Seymour from Montreal, Canada, uses bold lines and symmetry to create some striking line art illustrations. Have a look at Seymour’s hypnotic series of faces after the jump.

I love how art, at its simplest, can create a big impact when you look at it. Take the work of Patrick Seymour for example. His drawings are simple. If you break it down to its simplest form, the artworks are just black and white lines, but when you first look at his pieces as a whole, recognising the details, they really jump out at you, don’t they? Well, they did for me and I felt the need to share his work with you.

Patrick Seymour is an illustrator based in Montreal, Canada. His field of expertise are in digital art, illustration and character design.

I love the way that he uses strong symmetry in conjunction with each and every line in such a strong, deliberate way, resulting in fresh takes on familiar subjects. I’ve decided to showcase my favourite pieces from the “Faces” collection, which also includes Seymour’s artistic talent in colour form, but it’s the contrast of black and white that drew my attention. It’s almost hypnotic. And it’s safe to say that I am definitely impressed.

Check out the rest of his collection here.