Concert Review: David Dallas and The Daylight Robbery at Civic Underground

Last week, I was invited to attend and review David Dallas' live performance at the Civic Underground. This night was different from his last couple of performances though because instead of a DJ behind him, he also had his full band, The Daylight Robbery, on stage with him all night. Read on for my thoughts of the performance.

This time last week, on a Saturday evening, I was still contemplating whether or not I should head into the city to watch the main act at the Civic Underground: David Dallas and The Daylight Robbery.

Don’t get me wrong, David Dallas is one of my favourite artists and performers, but it was raining (and freezing) outside (much like it is right now) and he wasn’t due on stage until 12:30am! During these cold Winter nights, that’s usually past my bedtime and a couple hours before, I was ready to go to bed. But a friend jumped online and reminded me why I should attend (Thanks CC!) and so I decided to take advice and do just that.

I arrived just in time, five minutes before his scheduled time, but he ended up being a little late. At least I wasn’t late. The Daylight Robbery and Dallas’ DJ rocked up on the stage first and to be honest, I don’t think anyone really knew who they were or that their presence meant that Dot was due to hit the stage next. It wasn’t until the familiar face of Fire & Ice’s Jordache came out on stage that indicated to everyone that David Dallas was coming out next.

And surely enough, Jordache introduced David ‘Dot’ Dallas to the stage.

The star of the night appeared on stage and jumped right into the first track of ‘Start Lookin’ Round’, which to no surprise had the crowd going crazy and singing along to every word. He then moved on to various tracks from “The Rose Tint” including ‘Til Tomorrow’ and ‘Life Is…’ (for the fellas). For the ladies, he performed ‘Indulge Me’ from “Something Awesome” which of course put the ladies in a good mood (myself included ;)).

Switching it up from previous shows, he did his entire verse and chorus of Scribe’s ‘Not Many (Remix)’ and he admitted that, that song was probably how he got his start and why he was where he was at this point in time. With his buddy Jordache by his side, he turned back the clock and sang some Frontline tracks, at one point mixing it up even more with Ludacris’ Move Bitch. He also managed to slip in his most recent song ‘Pay Off’ (which you can download for FREE from his website), and even he seemed surprised that everyone knew the words to that one!

My favourite of the night was his closing song (before coming out again for a two-song encore which included ‘Caught in a Daze’). I’ve been to so many gigs before where the artists on stage want you to put away your cameras and smart phones so that there is no online/public footage of their live performances, but it’s different with Dallas. Maybe it’s because of the name of his song, ‘Take A Picture’ is literally telling you to do it but it was a nice change to hear at a live performance.

And this time around, his live performance was definitely a different experience. As noted previously, Dallas is usually on stage with just his DJ and Jordache, but this time round he had his band, The Daylight Robbery, as his support and it definitely made a difference to the performance. It was like hearing the record being made live in a studio. Even with the crowd yelling out at the top of their lungs, the acoustics in the basement of the Civic Underground really enhanced the sound quality of the hour-long performance.

I’m glad I ended up dragging myself out to witness this because it ended up being a great performance and a great night overall. Until your next performance, Mr Dallas.

And just for kicks, I’m going to end this post with the video for the song where Mr Dallas claims he got his start. Turn this up and enjoy. Peace.