Azealia Banks: Liquorice

Last time Azealia Banks released a video, it pretty much went viral in an instant, and that was the video for her song '212' (I suggest you Youtube it if you haven't seen/heard it yet) so she had a lot to live up to with her visuals for her next single, 'Liquorice'. Already a fan of the song itself, I didn't really care what the accompanying visuals to this track was like but I watched it, and she did a pretty good job, turning everyone's expectations upside down. So fresh!!

I love Azealia Banks. She is a mix between M.I.A and Nicki Minaj and I am not afraid to admit that I am a fan of both artists. Before I saw the video, I already was a fan of her and the song. That beat is crazy when it starts off, and it is just so damn catchy. And those rhymes! Relentless!

In the video for ‘Liquorice’, a dance-rap track from her new “1991” EP, young Harlem star Azealia Banks wraps herself in all sorts of American iconography, including a moment where two cowgirl Azealias have an Old West-style showdown. Even though Banks herself is the only person in the video, it’s still a ridiculously fun-filled affair. Directed by Rankin. Watch it below.

Can I catch your eye, sir
Can I be what you like, yeah
I could be the right girl
Tell me if you like your lady in my night colour
Can I be your type, yeah
I could set you right, whoa
How are you tonight, sir
I’m living my life, ooh
Hope you feel alright, yeah

Her debut EP, “1991”, was released last week and she will soon be dropping a mixtape, “Fantasea”.