Osaka Station City: Water Display

Did you ever think that a fountain could be used to tell the time or to display visuals? Well the Japanese sure did and this latest kind of display is purely unique, as it can even display artwork! Mind-blowing.

So this is kind of amazing. Only in Japan would you ever find something this incredible. This mesmerizing water display uses water (Duh!) to display the time, temperature and even artwork.

The attraction, located in the South Gate Building of the new Osaka Station City complex, is a large rectangular water display created by local firm Koei Industry (Um, anyone wanna translate their website for me?).

I honestly don’t know how old this video is but this is the first time I’m seeing it. Check out the reactions of the kids towards the end. I don’t understand what they’re saying but they are just so damn cute! Haha. Watch the video below and try to take your eyes off of it.