Concert Review: City and Colour at the Enmore Theatre

A couple of weeks ago on a Monday night, after 12 hours in the office (so much for the 5 to 9 life) and lots of Red Bull in my system, I headed to the Enmore Theatre to watch one of two sold-out side shows of Dallas Green aka City and Colour. What was the result? A performance that was amazing, intimate, powerful, open, honest, and one that seriously gave me goosebumps.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of watching Dallas Green perform live once again at the Enmore Theatre. For those who don’t know, Dallas Green is a Canadian artist, formerly of the band Alexisonfire, but now performs under the name City and Colour.

It was an incredibly chilly night in Sydney that Monday and I wish I could say (without being cheesy or cliché) that Green’s voice warmed up everyone inside the venue, but with the front doors open throughout the entire performance, it was kind of hard to ignore the cold winds breezing though. Freezing.

Anyhow, back to the show. I missed the support act, Bahamas, but the crowd seemed to love the man when he joined Green on stage later on for some songs. With no introduction, City and Colour opened up with ‘We Found Each Other In The Dark’, then proceeded with songs across all three of his albums including ‘Natural Disaster’, ‘Sleeping Sickness’, ‘The Grand Optimist’ (which he dedicated to his mother as a late Mother’s Day gift), and this track right here, ‘Day Old Hate’. I managed to record the entire song and you will see that when the performance only shows his voice, without the rest of his back-up band, his voice is truly amazing. I love this song and am so glad he sang it!

After that powerful performance, Green requested that everyone in the audience put away their cameras and smartphones and just enjoy the concert for the moment that they were in, rather than record it, watch it later and reminisce. That is his aim at every one of his shows – to have one song that is not captured on video from everybody in the audience.

I have to admit, that comment hit me a little as I was guilty of recording the song before this, and so I decided to just enjoy the rest of the set, only taking out my camera to take pictures. His request was just for the one song, ‘Body In A Box’, and sure enough, some audience members immediately took out their cameras when he played the last note of the song. Oh well. At least there will be one song of the night that won’t have a recording of it posted up online somewhere.

Moving on, Dallas Green then performed a stripped back cover of Kimbra’s ‘Settle Down’, which was pretty amazing. You can check out a live version of the track when he performed it on last week’s “Like A Version” at the triple j studios. ‘What Makes A Man?’ required audience participation and compared the experience with jumping off a bridge with friends. “It’s more fun. It’s like that question when they ask you, ‘would you jump off a bridge if all of your friends jumped?’ The answer is yes.” Haha.

Following on from that came ‘The Girl’, ‘Little Hell’ and when someone in the audience asked him to sing ‘Happy Birthday’, he answered back with this, “Why would I sing that? What makes you so special to everyone else here tonight? …This song is sort of like a ‘Happy Birthday’ song. It’s about dying”. This little statement lead to the song ‘Waiting’ which I have to admit was the highlight for me that night. Hearing him perform it live made me remember how well-written the song was!

Disappearing off stage for a few minutes, Dallas Green re-appeared again for a two-song encore which included a new song of which I don’t remember the name of, and ‘Coming Home’. And yes, I recorded it. I had to. It’s my favourite! Enjoy. 🙂

*Apologies for the shakiness of both videos.

Dallas Green aka City and Colour was recently in Australia for the Groovin’ The Moo festival.