Book Review: Unscripted

Last Christmas, the only thing I requested as a gift was this book: 'Unscripted' by Sarah Meier and Vicky Herrera. Now, after a busy few months of doing other things (like starting up this blog), I finally found the time to sit down and read this publication. And indeed I did just that - in one sitting! Check out my thoughts on these "unscripted conversations".

I received this book as a Christmas gift last year but it was only until recently, that I was able to sit down and read the entire thing, cover to cover (Shame on me!). And let me tell you this: I really enjoyed it.

Even though many of my friends are from the country, I must admit that I don’t know all that much about the culture, fashion, music, and entertainment of the Philippines, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to learn about it either. “Unscripted” by Sarah Meier and Vicky Herrera was the perfect stepping stone into learning about all of the above.

But let me backtrack for a quick second because before I received this book, I knew very little of what Unscripted was or what it was all about so here’s a quick rundown for all of you playing at home, according to the official website:

“Unscripted is a book based on the conversations that transpired during the radio show ‘The Dollhouse’. The book focuses on the lessons learned from interviewing individuals who were deemed influential and innovative in their respective field. These influential people were interviewed in the segment entitled, “The Real OG”.

Inspiring and thought-provoking, The Dollhouse conversations are truly memorable conversations that last; and truly unscripted ones from the heart.”

As I read each chapter, I was surprised to find that not only do we get to know the guests for what they’re known for, but also the fact that they want to delve into deeper and more serious issues like self-esteem, perception, depression, and lots of positive thinking.

With 16 chapters, each chapter showcasing the unscripted conversations the girls had with each influential “O.G”, each individual interviewed by Meier and Herrera pretty laid all cards out on the table and were able to give us honest and open answers, sharing with the reader their opinions and life lessons. The most important thing about each interview is how much they express the fact that “being yourself” is okay. Heck, it’s better than okay!

Both Meier and Herrera didn’t hold back on the personal and probing questions either, which is a rare find in the world of journalism today. A refreshing read that had me wanting to find out more about some of the creative people interviewed within this book.

My favourites? Tessa Prieto-Valdes (and her ‘I don’t give a sh*t’ attitude towards everything in her life and everyone around her), Madame Imelda Marcos (and her thoughts on all things beauty), and Raimund Marasigan (for his quick, sharp and witty thoughts on his life thus far as a rockstar).

To hear what “Unscripted” means to both the beautiful and talented ladies behind this book, check out their breakdown of the story and content in the video below: