Book Launch: The Little Book of Anxiety

The night after I arrived back in Sydney from my busy weekend in Melbourne, I was invited to my first book launch. The book was "The Little Book of Anxiety: Confessions from a Worried Life" and the author was Kerri Sackville. As the title reads, the book is all about dealing with anxiety, but let's get things straight. This is not one of those self-help books. Sackville's book reveals honest and hilarious recounts of the all the different moments she's felt anxious in life.

A couple weeks ago, I was invited to the book launch of Kerri Sackville’s latest memoir, “The Little Book of Anxiety: Confessions from a Worried Life”.

“The Little Book of Anxiety” is for anyone who has experienced anxiety – which is pretty much anyone. It is a funny book about a serious subject: the ways in which anxiety can impact on your life and the lives of those around you.”

After work, I clocked off and headed to Oscar & Friends (bookstore) in Double Bay and was greeted with a glass of wine as soon as I walked in the door. A smile appeared on my face and I immediately relaxed. Trust me, it’s just what I needed after the long day at work. But back to this event.

I showed up alone and stuck out like a sore thumb amongst all of Sackville’s family and friends. I discovered later, however, that those friends were the faces behind some of Australia’s biggest publications! It was a perfect opportunity to get to know the names behind those faces – and I was able to do just that – all within the duration of the launch, which included hearing Sackville read an excerpt from her book, a meet and greet with the author and enough time to rush home and catch my latest reality TV obsession (i.e. The Voice). Haha.

The crowd headed outside to where Sackville was to read an excerpt from “The Little Book of Anxiety” to give us all a taste of what the content within her second book was all about. “High on penicilin”, she chose to read ‘In the Box’, an anecdote of when she was stuck in an elevator at the age of 14 with her sister and friends. Not such a great position to be in for a self-confessed claustrophobic!

As she read, it was clear that Sackville is a born story-teller. With that one excerpt, she was able to take the entire audience back to that day in the elevator and make us all feel like we were stuck in there with her!

“The Little Book of Anxiety” is indeed an insight into anxiety that only Sackville could give! It is a funny but very honest account of living with anxiety, in all of anxiety’s different forms. We’ve all been there and felt anxious from time to time so this is a book that you will read and immediately relate to.

However, the book is very, very revealing. Each chapter reveals a little more about who Sackville is (or was). The twist? Each chapter provides a comedic relief to the anecdote she’s written.

It was the first book launch I had attended and although I may have walked in alone (and yes, somewhat anxious), I ended the night with a new friend, a signed book and a photo with the author! Oh and feeling rather relaxed from that first glass of wine…

Head over to your nearest bookstore and grab a copy! Highly recommended.