An Interview with Mimi Jung

The second installation of the After Dark Adventures features the talented designer behind Brook&Lyn: Mimi Jung. Mimi Jung is a boutique owner, designer and a stylist who designs jewellery and clothing with a fresh perspective.

Mimi Jung is the woman behind New York fashion label Brook&Lyn. If you’ve been keeping up with my posts, you’ll know that I blogged about her collaboration capsule collection with fellow New Yorkers William Okpo a while back, and it was because of that collection that made me a fan of both parties.

Jung is a talented designer and stylist creating pieces that are both striking and charming, and it is clear that her creative thinking is what sets her apart from other designers. Lucky for me, I was able to get in touch with Jung to answer a few questions to find out about her life as a designer and [to] see what she gets up to after-hours.

1. Who are you and how would you describe yourself?
I’m a jewellery designer originally from New York City now based in Los Angeles.

2. What does Brook&Lyn stand for in this thriving fashion industry?
I don’t believe in doing something that has already been done well.

3. What kind of clothes do you create and whom do you create for?
I’ve always designed clothes for myself. In fact I’m very selfish, I don’t create anything that I won’t enjoy wearing personally!

4. Tell us about the collaboration that ensued with William Okpo?
I can be very alone in my design process therefore when I see someone’s creativity I admire I immediately want to pick their brain. The sisters of William Okpo are the same way, they are incredibly talented and motivated.

5. Describe your personal style.
Minimal bold.

6. What does a typical day consist of?
Over breakfast my partner/husband and I go over our schedule for the day and talk about new upcoming projects. Then, depending on if we have outside meetings, we both go into our studios to work on various tasks. My day varies, sometimes I’m filling orders, sometimes I’m shooting my lookbook, creating new content for the e-shop or blog and other days I’m sketching and designing. I’m the most happy when I get to make new samples whether it’s jewellery, clothing or objects.

7. What happens after 5pm?
I’m still working at 5pm! I now make a conscious effort to stop around 8pm which is a huge improvement from before.

8. What is the soundtrack to your 5 to 9 life?
Anything Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

9. Look into the future: what’s next for Brook&Lyn in 2012 and beyond?
We’re becoming a more rounded brand, we’ll be launching our shoe collection as well as home objects in the near future.

10. Pay it forward: what advice have you been given that you would happily share with others?
Most things, if you pay attention to your surroundings enough you can figure it out. It should never be just about a job, figure it out and do exactly what you set out to do.