Michael Francis: I Don’t Love You

It's kind of rare these days to find a quality artist that can rap and sing! Enter Michael Francis. Hailing from New Jersey, this crooner is doing damage to the music scene - in a good way. Francis delivers smooth and melodic vocals on top of well-thought out synths.

Do you feel like today’s music is missing something?

I’m talking about the RnB world of music specifically. These days it seems, that world is filled with the same repetitive sounds. I hardly listen to the radio nowadays, but every time I do flick the switch and hear the latest chart singles, it seems that I’m always listening to the likes of Chris Brown and T-Pain. The artists that are creating songs from samples of retro hits and remixing them with doses of auto-tune.

Michael Francis is a new artist with many comparisons to The Weeknd, and as you listen to his music, it is obvious why, but according to this interview with Karmaloop TV earlier on in the year, he doesn’t mind one bit.

Though he has been receiving some nice buzz in the new lane of alternative R&B, there is not much information about the artist online. Shame, because it’s this new sound of the soulful crooner that has me very much intrigued.

If you listen closely with no distractions, you get the sense that with the way he sings, he makes it seem like the object of his affection is right there with him as he records. Those feelings and emotions are usually hard to try and recreate in the studio, but it’s obvious that he is pouring his heart out in the song. He has a unique talent of really bringing the listener into the song and making them feel the lyrics behind the song, searching for the deeper meaning.

It is somewhat clear that what inspires him to create is brought forward in the situations he’s put into, relating particularly to the people and scenarios in his life, thus transcending over to his lyrics, his sound and music.

Enough of me rambling. Just listen..

“Don’t think that I love you, cause baby I don’t love you, love you
Love you, don’t think that I love, no no”

And for kicks, check out his 2012 version of Ginuwine’s 1996 breakthrough hit ‘Pony’.

Stream the advanced version of Michael Francis’ debut project “Cold Heart Chronicles” now at: