T by Alexander Wang: Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection

Monochromatic texture is what it's all about in this simple, structured and wearable collection. The "T by Alexander Wang Autumn/Winter 2012" women’s collection features sharp and clean-cut styles. With a focus on impeccably tailored styles, this lookbook is all about an easy elegance, and exuding an undeniable sophistication. What a great inspiration this collection will be when I'm looking for my next winter staples!

Let’s be honest. I’m not like most girls when it comes to fashion. Yes, I like fashion and dressing up, but I’m not going to do it by spending hundreds of dollars on one item that I’ll wear only once. I know a lot of girls like that – friends, family, workmates – but I am not one of them.

Here’s another confession: I had never heard of Alexander Wang until a couple of years ago when my best friend revealed how obsessed she was with the designer. If you’re familiar with his designs, you’ll know that his fashion lines are usually sleek, luxurious, and way over budget for a working class girl. That doesn’t seem to matter to my BFF but whatever. That’s her choice, not mine.

And whilst I’m being completely honest here… I’ve never been attracted to any of the designs from his previous line(s) either. Only the accessories. The clothes, not so much.

But through my usual weekly blog reading, I saw a recent post on a new Autumn/Winter collection by the designer and I was pleasantly surprised. Bonus points for the fact that it is from Wang’s more affordable, lower-priced line: T by Alexander Wang.

The T line is simpler, easy-going and filled with a ton of basics. And the latest Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection had me ooh-ing and aah-ing from the first few images. T by Alexander Wang’s Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection features sleek silhouettes, jewel tones and sporty elements of chunky knits, pleated skirts and dresses, leather trousers and non-descriptive letterman jackets. Love it. Love it all.

The sporty elements of the collection reminds me a little of the 90s pop/hip-hop style back in the day. The waist lines appear to be going up as well with more high-wasted fashion items making its appearance in the collection, but as a petite Asian, I tend to shy away from the high-wasted look. The only thing I can pull off with the high-waisted look are the skirts. Pants and jeans are a no-no in my eyes.

In saying that though, if my Winter wardrobe suddenly was destroyed, I’d happily trade it in for most (if not, all) of the latest T by Alexander Wang Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection. Check out my favourites above, and peep the rest of the collection right here.