Cake Wines: An Exhibition of Wine

Tonight from 6pm, the China Heights Gallery in Surry Hills will be showcasing a special launch of exclusively designed wine labels for Cake Wines. The designers themselves - Kevin Tran, Hollie Martin, KIll Pixie, and Beci Orpin - will be there too so drop on by and show your support. I know how talented these kids are so you should go have a look and find out what the hype is all about. That, or enjoy some great tasting wine in the company of the some great like-minded individuals.

I received an extra special invitation in my inbox yesterday and I wanted to share with you what the event is. A friend of mine was asked to design labels for new Aussie wine label Cake Wines. That friend is Kevin Tran, and based on his previous artworks, Cake Wines chose and incorporated his “Exploration of Space” piece into the wine label he’s designed.

“Developed in order to support, celebrate and contribute to Australia’s thriving creative culture, Cake Wines are a recently launched wine brand built on the premise of promoting the local community. 25 cents from every bottle going back to FBi Radio, Inertia Music are providing the soundtrack and the brand have appeared at several music festivals across the summer. Cake will also be hosting a number of monthly cultural events including carpark film screenings, pop-up roof top bars and a national art prize award.”

So tonight is the night! Cake Wines are putting on a special group show with the four featured artists – Beci Orpin, Kill Pixie, Hollie Martin and Tran – at China Heights Gallery in Surry Hills.

If you’ve never heard of these artists, it’s time to get educated! Check out these great promotion videos from Cake Wines featuring the likes of Hollie Martin and Kevin Tran. It is hoped that by watching these videos, you will understand why they were chosen for this special event.

Time: 6-9pm
Place: China Heights Gallery (16-28 Foster Street, Surry Hills)

Come on by if you don’t have any other plans and enjoy a glass of wine… or two or more. It’s Friday, so who cares really. Kick off your weekend the right way!