Bending Sounds

Shot within a couple hours on a sunny Saturday afternoon, "Bending Sounds" is a test/experiment to capture the inspirational sounds and visuals of the NYC subway. Filmed by Tim Sessler. Truly hypnotic.

It’s no secret that I am planning a trip to America later this year and one of my top spots to visit is New York (of course it is).

When I saw this featured on Vimeo, I knew that it was something I had to share. It is amazing. Who knew the acoustics in the subway would work so well? Apparently, film-maker Tim Sessler did! Kind of makes me want to learn an instrument before my big trip and try it out for myself! Kind of, but not really. I’d rather be an audience member I think haha.

Usually when I walk through the crowds at the train stations in Sydney, I have my ear phones in and tend to enter my own world, drowning out the conversations had my kids and adults alike. You don’t ever see buskers playing on the platforms here like they do, featured in this video.

But then again, somehow I don’t think Sydney’s Central Station would have that same sound quality of the New York subway. Ha. Watch out for the guitarist towards the end. If you can, focus on his guitar skills, rather than his voice.

Can’t wait to experience this! It is recommended that you watch this video with your headphones on, but I’d also like to add, with no distractions either.