The Sartorialist: Lunch for 25

Who hasn't heard of The Sartorialist? He's pioneered the fashion blogging world and made everyone want to be a street photographer, taking photos of the locals wearing their best outfits. That's how it all started for Scott Schuman and earlier this month, he invited 25 people that have had the biggest influence on the blog.

This one is for those who love fashion! Anyone who has an interest in fashion knows exactly what you’re talking about as soon as you mention “The Sartorialist”, but do you know the man behind the camera?

After leaving a fashion sales position to take care of his daughter in 2005, Scott Schuman, aka The Sartorialist, began carrying a digital camera around on the streets of New York City, taking photographs of people who had dressed in a way that caught his eye, and then posting them to his blog. That’s basically how he got his start and now, he is known as a pioneer in the fashion blogging world.

Earlier this month, Schuman invited the 25 people that had the biggest influence on the website and that sum up for him what men’s style is all about. He brought them all together for a lunch in a traditional trattoria in Florence and thanked them for making The Sartorialist what it is and stands for today. From Nick Wooster, Kanye West to many other familiar faces of men’s fashion, they all gathered together in certainly what looks like a meal that everyone wishes they received an invitation to! Check out the recap video here below.

The Sartorialist: Lunch for 25 from The Sartorialist on Vimeo.

And if you’re interested in finding out more about the man behind the world’s biggest fashion blog, watch this video for a great insight.