Jay-Z and Kanye West: Ni**as in Paris (Official Music Video)

Directed by Kanye West, the music video for 'Ni**as in Paris' was officially released yesterday. The video isn't that great compared to the song, but if you missed out on their "Watch The Throne" tour (which, let's face it, most of us did!), then you can catch up via this video.

Hands down, this song was in my Top 5 of 2011 and finally, an official video has been released by Kanye West and Jay-Z for their track ‘Ni**as in Paris’. At last!

I love the epileptic warning before the video haha, but I have to say, that after watching this clip, I love the song way more than the video. They could have done something totally out of the box with the video for this track, but instead they chose the safe option of putting together live footage from their shows. Boring.

In my opinion, ‘N**gas in Paris’ is THE stand-out track from Ye and Hov’s collaboration record, “Watch The Throne”, and most people who have listened to the record (if you haven’t, go do it now!) would agree. I was pretty disappointed that the video did not align with everyone’s opinion of the song. Seeing that it was directed by The Louis Vuitton Don (aka Kanye West), I just expected a little more. Check it out.