M.I.A: Bad Girls (Official Music Video)

She's done it again. M.I.A released the official visuals to her new single over the weekend. The visual concept of 'Bad Girls' definitely matches the vibe of the song. This girl definitely knows how to keep things fresh in the music world. Check it out.

M.I.A premiered the music video for her song “Bad Girls” this weekend and almost immediately, it was all over my Twitter feed. I’m not kidding. I follow a lot of celebs and the like, and the only things that seemed to appear in my timeline was Superbowl statuses, complaints (about love and life), and M.I.A. So even if I wasn’t a fan of M.I.A (which I am), seeing all the tweets about her new video would have lead me to watch it sooner or later.

If you’ve read my review of the song on Thirteen Itches, you’ll know that I actually love the new single. And if you haven’t, here are the important bits:

For me personally, “///Y/” represented M.I.A at her noisiest, rawest, most interesting, and experimental point in her career to date, but ‘Bad Girls’ shows that she’s still got her ability to string together random words/phrases, and creating a hook over a poppy and twisty synth, until we’re all singing along.

Now that the official video has been released, what do I think of it? One word: incredible. Love the concepts, the visuals and the dance moves. Needless to say, M.I.A really nailed this one. She always has and always will be a truly unique artist, and she definitely has some serious Saudi swag going on! Watch it above.

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