Groovin’ The Moo 2012

Is it just me, or is Australia the one destination that international artists wanna come to in 2012? We've already had heaps of artists come over from around the globe for Big Day Out, Soundwave, and the Falls Festival. Now, it's only February and we can already expect another line-up of great artists for the 'Groovin' The Moo' music festival. Woot.

This year, I’m all about going to gigs and seeing great live music. So far in 2012, I’ve seen six great artists perform some amazing sets and I realised the other week, that for the next 5 weeks, I have at least one gig to see each week! I cannot wait!

And here comes another one. This might just be my first festival for 2012: Groovin’ the Moo. With a fantastic line-up of local and international acts coming together to perform in our fair country, this festival might just be worth the drive too – all I have left to do is find a few friends to come along! Road trip, anyone?

The line-up is pretty surprising too. Who knew GTM could pull together such a great bill of artists? Public Enemy, City and Colour, Kimbra, Matt Corby, Chiddy Bang and Kaiser Chiefs! That’s enough for me to to pack a bag and purchase a ticket, but just in case, I don’t, I really hope the abovementioned international artists head to the city and play some side shows!

Tickets are on sale this week. Hit up the website to find out further details. Excited!