Concert Review: Kid Cudi at Heatwave

It's been labelled as the worst hip hop festival ever organised down under, with both artists and punters leaving the shows unhappy. Fortunately, that wasn't the case for those who attended in Sydney. I was there to see headlining act Kid Cudi and only him. Find out what happened when the "How To Make It In America" star touched down in Sydney and played at the Enmore Theatre last month.

I’m finally able to cross off something from my bucket list. To see a certain someone in concert. I mean, I have seen him before at the 2010 Good Vibrations music festival, but that was only for a little while and my friends wanted to leave early to catch Salt ‘n’ Pepa. But late last month, the mission was complete: I saw Kid Cudi at the Enmore Theatre playing the second night of the poorly organised, poorly promoted Heatwave festival. 

To those who don’t know, it’s been labelled as the worst festival in Australian history. Funny that all the shit that claimed to have happened on other legs of the tour, didn’t happen in Sydney. Thank goodness. 

It was advertised as a hip-hop/urban concert with a line-up of some interesting artists including the likes of the aforementioned headliner Kid Cudi, Tech N9ne, Obie Trice, and D12 (who ended up being a no-show but that’s another controversial story altogether).

Spread over two nights in Sydney, the second night not only had Mr Solo Dolo on the bill but also Chamillionaire and Crazy Town of Butterfly fame. What? Yep. My thoughts exactly. Now that I’ve linked that track, you’ll probably be reminiscing and singing along or hitting stop as soon as you remember what I’m referring to haha. We deliberately missed those guys – seriously, what have they released since ‘Butterfly’? And why did the promoters/Heatwave organisers consider them hip hop? I guess I’ll never understand why they were apart of the line up.

Then there was Chamillionaire.. who was kind of embarrassing, to say the least. We arrived towards the end of his set and what a wise decision that turned out to be. Who knows what the artist has released since Ridin’ Dirty but to me, he was (and always will be) a one hit wonder. And it seemed the crowd agreed. His songs weren’t getting much response from the crowd and when the crowd weren’t hyped enough to his standards, he played one of his songs twice to see if he could get a crazier response the second time round. Yeah right.

Finally at 10pm, Cudder showed up but was on stage for only an hour (probably because that is all they paid him for). But, nonetheless I enjoyed Cudi’s performance consisting of a mix of both albums and his debut mixtape, “A Kid Named Cudi”. Opening up with ‘REVOFEV’, he then went straight in with his hits including ‘Soundtrack 2 My Life’, ‘Mojo So Dope’, ‘Marijuana’, ‘Mr Solo Dolo’, the crowd favourite ‘Up, Up & Away’, ‘Man on the Moon’, his and Kanye’s verses on ‘All of the Lights’, and ‘Mr. Rager’.

I was a little disappointed that he didn’t perform a complete version of his hit single, ‘Day N Nite’, even though there was a snippet of the Crookers remix in his ‘Muchomegamix’ which also included that catchy tune with David Guetta, ‘Memories’. Even after he talked up the track, he switched it up and performed ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ – coz he felt “that that was more of his jam nowadays”.

It was clear that everyone was there to see Kid Cudi though and he’s gotta know that he has more fans than the crowd that turned up. In a sense, I’m glad it wasn’t crowded but I know that The Lonely Stoner has way more fans in Sydney than the number of people that showed up that night. They should have just left the spotlights off too because when it was on, it would pan the crowd and it was just embarrassing. Cudi loves Sydney. The least we could’ve done was show up.

Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi re-appeared later for a two-song encore which included two new tracks, ‘Brake’ and ‘Teleport 2 Me’, both of which will be on his new rock record “WZRD”, with best friend Dot Da Genius.

Anyways, check out a little recap of his performance below:

Kid Cudi at Heatwave 2012 (Sydney) from the5to9life on Vimeo.

*In related news, one of the promoters of the Heatwave festival has been missing since the festival ended on January 21 with $30,000 and has already been added to the missing persons list. After all the hate he’s been receiving, I don’t blame him for hiding.