The Layover: New York

Anthony Bourdan's television show 'The Layover' offers a how-to guide to exploring popular cities during an unexpected air travel layover of 24 to 48 hours. A great concept, especially if you’ve been stuck in the same situation, staring lifelessly out the window of your gate waiting and wondering. The travel show also provides a contemporary list of must-do items to anyone looking for something to do on a weekend trip to an unknown city. Check out this episode in its entirety of New York City!

Anthony “Tony” Bourdain is an American chef, best-selling author, television personality, and the envy of many (myself included). He is a seasoned traveler who’s hit up all corners of the globe – several times – and has uncovered the best in culinary cuisine across the world.

More often than not, he has time to kill in some of the world’s biggest airport hubs, so instead of sitting at the airport hotel, he sets out to explore each city in the short amount of time he has there.

Enter his television series on The Travel Channel: The Layover.

In this video/episode, Bourdain takes on his hometown of New York City. Having lived in and being able to explore the city for years, instead of the typical tourist traps, he visits some of the city’s hidden gems while hanging with his chef friends, David Chang and Eddie Huang. As you watch, you’ll also notice that not only does he show us the the best places to visit in NYC from the eyes of a local, but he also gives us his own personal insight and knowledge of the places that he visits. Oh, and some very invaluable travel tips – not only from himself, but the locals too.

Here’s one for example:
“Tips to travellers: never look anyone in the eye on the New York subway system. It’s not a safety issue anymore, it’s just polite. Look at the floor.” Haha.

If you know me, you’ll know that one of my dream travel destinations is New York and I plan to go there sometime in 2012. Watching this episode makes me want to plan, save and jump on that plane – pronto!