Miles Kane

Last night at the Arctic Monkeys gig, I discovered a new act: Miles Kane. Hailing from the UK, this talented and energetic man had the crowd going crazy and dancing along to his songs, some of which were reminiscent of that old 60s rock vibe. I loved it, my best friend loved it, and I hope you will too! *Disclaimer: this is not a concert review. Just a post about discovering some new music.

Most of the time, I don’t like going to concerts early because the only act I wanna see is right at the end. But I realised last night that sometimes it’s good to turn up to a gig early.

Case in point: last night my best friend and I went to see the Arctic Monkeys play a sold out show at the Hordern Pavilion. We turned up super early and managed to not only grab great seats (we’re too old and too short to be in the mosh), but we also saw all three bands playing on the bill.

The first, Violent Soho, were from Brisbane and there was only one word to describe them: LOUD. Geez, Louise. Their music was heavy and head-banging worthy but I’m sure I went deaf during their 20 minute set. Damn.

An hour later, Miles Kane graced the stage and this is the act that this post is all about. The man had a full band backing him up, but that half hour set was all about Miles Kane. Energetic and talented, with a British accent that sometimes I could not understand, the guy (who looked like he stepped out of the ’60s era) sure did know how to entertain us. He even joined the Arctic Monkeys for a few songs later on during their set!

Turns out, Miles Kane has collaborated with Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner on a side project – The Last Shadow Puppets. I don’t know much about it, but if it sounds anything like what we witnessed last night, I’m already sold!

Check out one of Kane’s tracks above.

Miles Kane definitely has two new fans in my best friend and I. If you like what you hear, make sure you check out his debut solo album, “Colour of the Trap”.