It's a book! It's a magazine! It's both! And it's called HARD. A project created by German design student Ruben Scupin, this bookazine is simply amazing. Interactive. Attractive. Entertaining. Creative. The only element missing is your hands!

HARD. The interactive Bookazine. from Ruben Scupin on Vimeo.

I have never seen Fashion and Beauty published like this before! And I’ll bet, that you haven’t either. HARD is a bookazine (For those who don’t get it, it’s a book and a magazine!) by German Design student Ruben Scupin which features interactive elements such as pop-up, lenticular images, stitching and much more.

I love this concept and design. Watch the video – you won’t regret it. It is amazing – the time, effort, and attention to detail that Scupin has put in to create a book that’s not only interactive, but also practical, entertaining, and just looks fucking amazing (Pardon my French) is crazy! But he managed to do it.

Check out 3:30 where he pulls out the “Movie” tab and see what he does with it from that point. Wow! I could not believe my eyes when I saw it. I don’t know how he did it, but damn, he definitely did it. As you watch, you’ll see that on almost every page, there is something for you to do.

This talented kid is only 24 and created this piece as part of his Bachelor-Project. If this is what he is producing now, I wonder what he’ll be producing in the next 5-10 years! Damn. He also has a wide array of other talents on his website, showcasing his skills of typography, illustration, print and film!

I love it. I want it. Ruben Scupin is a name to look out for in the future.