Hard Graft

Hard Graft produces classic accessories for your money and gadgets. Originally branded as a working class hero in 2006, the brand now produces strikingly eye-catching products that balance both elegant design and clever functions.

If you follow my writing on Thirteen Itches, you’ll know that I’ve been in the market for a sleeve for my MacBook Pro, and I think I’ve found a potential candidate.

There are a few factors that I look for when I am shopping for certain products, particularly those pertaining to fashion and accessories: simplicity, comfort, eye-catching, affordability, and for it to be of a high quality.

Hand Graft is made up of co-designers from Austria and England, and they produce handmade accessories that incorporate four out of five of these qualities. The brand designs accessories for the technology gadgets we carry with us on a daily basis: laptops, tablets and/or mobile phones. They also design some pretty nice wallets, bags and backpacks too.

Hard Graft is an old English term meaning “hard work”, and that definitely shows within the accessories the brand produces. Similar to the William Okpo and Brook&Lyn capsule collection, the particular designs that I’m attracted to from Hard Graft are the ones from the Heritage collection, which has products showing contrasting colours with understated combinations of wool felt and leather.

My favourites are shown above and below (and could possibly have some product reviews coming soon), but you can check out all of the collections here.