Brook&Lyn x William Okpo

Brook&Lyn and William Okpo have collaborated together to release a limited edition capsule collection which shows the brands' creative compatibility to imagine, design and produce.

I love love love the result of this collaboration. Two brands that I’m not too familiar with, but if this is what they’re producing, then I want to know/see more!

It’s far from Winter down here in Australia but who’s to say, we can’t get a head start on our Winter wardrobe? Over the holidays, jewellery designer Mimi Jung of Brook&Lyn collaborated with William Okpo designers Lizzy and Darlene Okpo on a capsule collection of apparel and accessories, including a very winter appropriate cape and pouch.

The pieces artfully reflect both designers’ creative compatibility for clean lines and contrast. I am absolutely loving the colour palette used in this collection and am hoping that there is more to this collaboration than just the cape and pouch that we have been exposed to so far. Here’s hoping.

Until then, the cape and pouch are both available here.