ANR: Millionaire (Cover)

A somewhat unknown rock band, ANR aka Awesome New Republic, does a great cover of Kelis' "Millionaire". Check it out.

Second to writing, I love music and you can expect to see a lot of music posts here at the 5to9 life. Whilst I don’t play an instrument or anything like that, my love of music comes from the different genres I listen to and trust me, my taste ranges from music that you’re familiar with and probably some that you haven’t heard.

The video above showcases just that. A band that is pretty unknown covering an artist that is quite popular in music today.

I love it when artists cover songs of other artists in their opposite genres. It makes me glad that whatever you choose to do in life, it is not limited by what you’re supposed to be doing. That basically nothing is impossible. Case in point: check out indie rock band ANR aka Awesome New Republic covering the awesome track ‘Millionaire’ originally sung by RnB superstar Kelis (featuring Andre 3000).

The special element of the track is that they sang the verse that Andre 3000 originally rapped. Enough said. Enjoy.